The Bionix ShotBlocker minimizes the pain & anxiety of injections - blunt skin contact points distract from injection site pain, making each shot a less painful experience.

EASY-TO-USE: The distraction effect is immediate, unlike the wait required when using numbing creams, sprays, & vibrating distractors. To use, press the disc firmly over the injection site and immediately administer the shot through the opening.

KID-FRIENDLY: Safe for children & adults, our physician-designed device is a non-invasive plastic disc with short, blunt contact points on its underside (no drugs or chemicals!). They are great for vaccines, immunizations, & at-home injections.

PROVEN TECHNOLOGY: Our patented ShotBlocker uses the Gate Control Theory of Pain proven to reduce pain associated with the injections of immunizations, allergy & insulin shots, hormone therapy, & more. It can be reused if washed with mild detergent & water.

TAKES THE STING OUT OF SHOTS: Eases the pain and helps not fear visiting the doctor or the dentist. It helps minimize the trauma that sometimes comes with medical visits.

IMMEDIATE EFFECT: The contact points on the underside saturates the sensory nerves distracting the patient from the pain signals caused by the needle poke. No waiting for topical anesthetics to take effect.

EASY TO USE: Just press ShotBlocker® firmly over the injection site and administer the shot through the opening.

Versatility: Use for home injections or take with you to the doctor or pharmacist.

SAVES MONEY: Less costly than anesthetic creams, freezing sprays, or vibrating distractions. (Faster, too.)

PEDIATRICIAN DESIGNED: Invented with kids in mind!

Made in the U.S.A.