How I Found a Solution to My Needle Anxiety

Hello, I’m Naomi, a cancer survivor. One of the things that go hand in hand with cancer is getting your bloodwork done on a regular basis. If you are like me, the worst thing is the anxiety that starts a week before every visit, building into panic. I could never find anything to minimize the pain & anxiety of injections. If I did, the numbing creams and sprays just never worked! I needed something that masked the pain while the injection procedure was happening. I have found that with the Bionix ShotBlocker. The distraction effect was immediate with blunt skin contact points distracting from the injection site pain, making each shot a less painful experience. Not only that, but this simple noninvasive drug-free method instantly reduced needle pain and anxiety. What a Godsend! I was so happy with this product that I wanted to share this with others.


Naomi Boyle

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